The Chase (from a toddler to a dog)

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The Chase (from a toddler to a dog)

Post by Spiritdaughter77 on Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:29 am

I remember our next door neighbor's daughter ringing our doorbell and my daughter went to the door and let the neighbor know that she wasn't going to be able to come out and play (for whatever reason). I then notice that our 2 yr old had vanished. He ran out the door (sneaky little guy). So I remember that I panic and asking my daughter where her brother was and I noticed that he was running around next door on my neighbors lawn. I then ran out to get him. He then ran to the corner of our block and started to play in the grass and dirt. I was worried that a car might hit him or something so I started running towards him just then a white car with if I remember correctly had a red or orange striping on his passenger door side turn the corner and I remember getting more nervous. As I got closer I saw a big dog up the block headed our direction. I then look towards what was no longer my 2 yr old son but now my dog which by the way was a dog that I had when I was a child (from age 7-18) and her name was Queen and she is a chow breed. Anyway I didn't notice that it was now a dog and not my son, either way I was worried as I wanted to get her back in the house. I remember calling my dog to come to me and finally she started running in my direction and I directed her to run to the house. As my dog started to head back I noticed that a large black dog started to charge towards our way and I got worried and scared as I knew this dog was going to attack us. Anyway I turn and started to run towards the house as well and as I am running I am yelling at my daughter who was in the house to have the door open and ready as we run in. And then I woke up.

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