muslims attacking muslims on U.S. soil

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muslims attacking muslims on U.S. soil

Post by Shan on Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:46 pm

I dreamed that I was a subsitute teacher at a middle school. Some of the officials at the school asked me to counsel a couple of girls ( I am a counselor irl.) I went to the gym to get one of the girls because I received her name first. I took her to a wooded area to walk and get away from the other kids. As we were walking, we came upon this neat and interesting house architectually and it had a small stream running along the house and seemed to be refreshing. I began to feel like we were intruding on these people's property, so we decided to walk away.
As we walked away, we found ourselves on a huge, grassy median that divided a highway and I somehow knew we were in west Texas (not where I live now, but used to.) All of a sudden, see this HUGE speeding object coming at us just above our heads. I thought it was the space shuttle returning to it's Houston base. I then reasoned that that couldn't be because we were no where near Houston. I then realized that it was a missile sent between two warring Muslim communities. One community was violent, the other wasn't. When I realized this, I put the girl behind me to protect her and I noticed other people huddling down behind me. I began praying in the Spirit and so did one other man. We were headed to the civil Muslim community for protection from bullets as they had high, rock and stucco walls. By this time it was night and it was only the girl and I. We were weaving through the walls and it was obvious we were not Muslim. I looked on top of one of the walls and there were two ladies who threw shawls at us to cover our heads, one reason being that it was not their custom for women to be uncovered and the other was to help us blend in as some of the men in their community might get angry. One interesting point was that the shawls they threw at us looked like Jewish prayer shawsl and I thought that to be odd.

The next scene we came out of that community unharmed and I walked the girl home and apologized to her and her mother for keeping her out late.

Any insight would be great!

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