Big waves washing over dwellings (tsunami) leaving all safe but lost my car?

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Big waves washing over dwellings (tsunami) leaving all safe but lost my car?

Post by CKBE09 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:23 am

Hi everyone,

i only joined the group now< and really dont know where to start to interpret my dreams if someone could please help. I had a dream where myself and others new that there was a tsunami on its way< but no-one was scared, I wasnt scared at all and was expecting it to happen, as i stared at the oceaan the waves got bigger and bigger and started to build up. i saw the waves coming at us and i went into my hous in hid in a small room. I waited for the waves to wash over our dwellings and when it washed over no-one was hurt, just our belongings were taken away, most vividly our cars. we were all searching for it, people even went into the sea to find it some did find it and came out riding with their cars out of the ocean. I searched everywhere for mine and couldnt find it anywhere, i was very upset about it as it is my most precious belonging. I asked my dad if he would buy me a knew one and he said i will have to wait to receive it? i am not sure what this means but the dream was very clear and vivid! any help will help thanks!

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