The Reluctant Teacher

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The Reluctant Teacher

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:06 am

Hello, everyone -

I apologize if this turns into a lengthy post! :)

The dream begins with me walking to my car in a parking lot outside a school. It is dark out. In the dream, I'm a teacher, and school was done for the day. I was the first one to make it to my car, and I waited just a moment once I was inside for the other teachers to begin to leave - I didn't think that I should head out before some others? I began to drive, and I was surprised to find that all the other teachers had already left the parking lot. I then made my way down a hilly road.

I now find myself entering the home of one of the teachers from the school. Although everyone left before me, she had not made it home, yet. From inside the house, I felt that I needed to get out before she arrived. I made my way through the house toward the door. On the way, I noticed that she owned a lot of cats. I actually said aloud, "Crazy Cat Lady!" Making it to the door, I see that it's latched and that it has an alarm on it that may be set off when I open the door. The teacher is about to enter (from another way), so I open the door anyway. No alarm goes off, and my car is right at the door for me.

At this point, the perspective changes to where I'm watching a scene like it's inside a movie. The movie is just beginning, and the basic premise is this: A bunch of teachers have met for a dinner party at one of their homes. The movie looks like it's from the 70's as far as clothes/style goes, and even the quality of the film itself. I didn't know any of the actors, but it was like I knew who the stars were supposed to be. Anyway, the veteran teachers have come together at this party to ask a new teacher for help. The new teacher had the abilities, but was reluctant to help because she doubted her abilities. In the end, she may have agreed to help them.

Finally, as the teachers were gathered around a dinner table, the cast and perspective changes. Now I'm seated at the table, and the other teachers are my extended family. It's like we're having Thanksgiving at my aunt's house...though, the spread was a bit odd: I only remember some crispy broccoli and bananas that were sliced in half. The general mood was good, though.

I know...sorry for the wall of text! If anyone has any thoughts, I'd like to hear them.

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