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I was on my way leaving some guys house I don't know who I let use my cellphone. When i got in the car I was with at least two people. (a young girl I see occasionally at work and her friend) I remember that I was the one driving specifically because It was a stick shift car. It was actually the first car I had ever owned. When I started driving the dream switched into third person view. It was like we were viewing a GPS system, with us three as onlookers. I was driving along great until the girl in the car with me started giving me directions/ advice on how to drive the car. When I started listening to her the car kept going off course. I saw a finish line on the map and we stopped just a few feet before the finish line. After this we started over, one of my co-workers was the main one talking throwing me off track this time. On this trip the car was a snake in the sand. The snake was colorless and was barely even recognizable as a snake. after a while of moving/driving the snake, it appeared lifeless stopped moving. At one point I found myself still dragging the snake along in the sand, when this happened and the other two basically showed disinterest and walked off. I was still determined to drive the (dead?)snake to the finish line. I never did. What are your thoughts good people?

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