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Interesting One!

Post by rosebush on Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:20 am


I have never had a friend share a dream they had about me before, although I have heard many others talk about this happening. The woman who shared her dream with me today is only an acquaintance. We did today for the first time also share where each of our houses are. Remarkably her house is situated right at the start of a school bus route that I drive. Her name is Betty.

Dream is simple -- that her son Leon told her that I now drive his transfer school bus route.

Note: Although my friend Betty was not aware before I told her that I drive a route right next to her son's route area and the dream seems significant in the natural in many ways, I know that I am not going to drive her son's transfer route. That is why I'm believing this dream to have symbolic significance. I do sense that I am right at the door of new ministry.

Thanks for helping. Rose

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