The end times and bad weather with NY

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The end times and bad weather with NY

Post by globalhealth4 on Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:32 am

so i had this dream that i don't remember all the details as i should because i was being lazy and i didnt want to get up and log the dream as I was prompted to before hand crying

but this is what I do remember. I was in a cafe seemed like and I over e heared a old man talking to another old man about six things to watch out for before the return of Christ. And how close we are to it happening right now. He told the other fellow six things to look for, but I dont remember what he said!!!! crying

Then in another moment of the dream i was reading something with a picture of a tornado in this magazine or book. I saw a picture of Jesus (the ones they sale in real life) pointing His finger down on this tornado with what seemed to be New York City inside of it. weird but thats what I saw.

Any takers on this?

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