Russia makes war with Turkey???!!!

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Russia makes war with Turkey???!!!

Post by YoursInHealth on Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:38 pm

I seen Russia make war w/Turkey. I seen a male visitor Come over to our old house. He sat in the dining room talking to 1 of my sisters while I cleaned the bathroom, then he asked to use the bathroom. I dreamed I walked with a friend and I warned him what Russian would do to Turkey, but he wasn't worried. Then my dream changed, for it showed me a huge flow of water covering a car that a little girl I know (that's close to me) and my aunt was in it. The Little girl was in the backseat and my aunt was in the passenger seat.... the water covered the car but they made it through, then the electrical wires fell and it killed them because they didn't have protection ( rubber protection against electricity). I called to confirm the death of the little girl with her father but he said, "she's alive and she is with him now... I seen the little girl alive and I was confused but happy she's alive. What's your thoughts abt these two visions?

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