A baby girl in the dream

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A baby girl in the dream

Post by princessarielle on Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:45 am

I once had a dream that I was not able to interpret. This morning, it just came back to me and I decided to post it if someone can help me understand its meaning.

I dreamed that I had a baby girl with a young man that I loved. Although the child was conceived in sin (in the dream we were not married) and in spite all the difficulties this birth was going to cause (refusal of parents to help us, having to stop my studies, having to work to take care of that child and the father having to work also besides studying at school, etc), I was so happy. The baby was so precious and in the dream I gave it a name that was so pretty and special to me.

The next day, the man I had the baby with in the dream approached me and told me that he wanted to have children with me. So, I have been wondering if the dream was a message that he is supposed to be my husband.

Thanks for any help!

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