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Post by globalhealth4 on Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:04 am

I feel as if I have had this dream before. Anyway, I flew with a group 5hrs to a Island in the carribeans. Not clear if it was Jamiaca or not but when we got there, there were people of many races and mostly late 30's and younger. I was heading towards a concert with I think snoop dogg was performing and for some odd reason I took a wrong turn and saw a persian couple coming from the stadium. I noticed the guy and if i saw him today i would recognize him from the dream. They were headed the way I came which was the wrong route. I looked back at them as we passed eachother and I could see the stadium upon a hill I was on. I decided to slide down this red rail and before I got to the end, I heard gunshots! I stopped and rolled off for cover.

By the time I hit the ground people started screaming and running. the lights from the streets went off and this island went pitch black! Im freaking out by now. Im running to avoid being shot to death, hiding behind trash cans and abandoned cars. I ended up at this compond with others who ran and there were two churchs across the street. they brought people over to this compond and told everyone that in the morning the gang of young men will come to shot each and everyone of us execution style. I freaked out because I didn't want to die, and my child was with me. She is only 19months and I was trying to figure how will I run from these murders outside with her.

The last thing I remember was thinking in the dream that i will leave my child here so I can get back to the states and tell everyone what happened and if she is murdered, at least I will see her in Heaven. She is just a child.

Then I woke up

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