Really Wacky Dreams (About Hell and Cheating)

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Really Wacky Dreams (About Hell and Cheating)

Post by v3ryan on Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:48 pm

Here are some dreams I've had over the past few weeks or so. I'll start from the earliest and work forwards. These are only fragments I'm afraid.

1) I dreamt that my sister had visions of Hell. In the vision, when she got there, she had to do this sort of dance, where she stands tall, arms pointing at a 45o angle down and away from her sides, and she shuffles sideways to the right.
-(I had been reading some testimonies of people having visions where Jesus gives them a tour of Heaven or Hell, and wondered at some of them since some seemed a bit strange.)

2) a bear, (in human form, but I knew it was a bear) that wanted to hang out me and some people I was with., We told it it was impossible, since it's mother would be furious when it saw us.

3) A child playing in the yard, a mountain lion is in the yard. I yell for the child to come, at first it doesn't, then it gets inside and I manage to close the door on the mountain lion, but as I run through the house (a house I have never been in IRL) the lion somehow gains entry, and I'm panicking, running from room to room warning the mountain lion is in the house. (I don't see the mountain lion in the house, I do however know that it did break in, or was simply still attempting to break in.)

4) My dad (who is married) was in a conversation with this lady, and brings up the phrase. "My girlfriend." This makes me feel angry, since he is married to my mom, and in the dream I was thinking he was referring to someone else.

5) I dream I'm on a school bus. This one man from college residence I remember was driving the school bus. It was noticed that there were seat belts on the bus. They were black and came across the windows. I tried buckling up, but it was uncomfortable and awkward.

6) I had a dream that I was chosen by this teacher to be given a tour of this expensive house. I met this guy who was the owner of this house, making sure to address him as "sir." Although I didn't call him sir every single time. [Later on that day IRL, I realised this man has striking resemblance to Toronto's mayor.] Later on, he becomes this elderly lady who has trouble standing and needs to hold onto me. The car we're looking for is nowhere to be seen, and the teacher who is with me tells me that his car is (invisible? I don't quite remember) Afterword, this lady's husband comes, and we find out either 1) she is the husband's wife, and another lady is cheating on him, or 2) She isn't really his wife, she was cheating on him. Can't remember which is which.

7) I was playing this maze puzzle game. And I completed this one course, but got stuck in that one where there is this pillar thing in the center of the room, but when I go around it, it's like appearing in a different room entirely itself, like an impossible spacial situation. Then I go through this doorway, and find myself with my feet glued to a cube of burning sulfur, where apparently I'm in Hell because I wandered through the doorway, because I didn't trust God enough, or was misled somehow.

Not sure what these dreams mean. I think I understand 7. I sometimes wonder if I am walking right with The Lord or not, and almost always asks Him to reveal the truth to me. Thoughts? Interpretations? Prophetic words? Thanks and have a Blessed weekend.

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