Someone stealing my wheelchair at a conference.

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Someone stealing my wheelchair at a conference.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:12 am

Hello and blessings

I have been having a lot of personal dreams lately and I find them a bit strange but know the Lord is speaking.


I was at a huge, "I mean very huge conference." The conference was in this metal barn in a country like town. People from all over flew in to come to this conference like the Lakeland deal. As I am sitting by the door waiting for the conference I am in a wheelchair because of my foot issues. As I am in my new fold up wheelchair all of a sudden my ex step moms dad comes over and sits by me and I have not seen him in years. So I am like well hello and he acts as if it is no big deal to see me after many years then his wife comes in. I fold the wheelchair and then lean my wheelchair against the wall and I decide to get up and walk around a bit. I come back to get the wheelchair and someone took it from me. I was very upset because that was the second new wheelchair that someone stole from me and now this last one and it was taken at the conference and we are suppose to all be Christians. So I am crying and was just real upset. As we all sit down Heidi Baker was there she was one of the speakers. I left out of my seat for what ever reason. As I was walking back in the session I saw someone with blonde hair but could not see the face I thought it was Heidi and so I share what had just happened, and the lady turns to look at me and it was some lady I did not know. I came and sat in my seat and there was a mic being passed around and people were saying something into the mic, I kept asking the lady what did they want us to share in the mic because I was not sure of the question but in my heart I wanted to say something about the wheelchair. So when the mic came to me I opened my heart up about what was done and how could Christians steal from people and how Jesus commanded us to not steal and we are at a conference where we are to love ect. I then said, if you want to return it there would be no questions asked or you could have someone else return it but please return it. The lady who passed the mic around grabbed the mic from me because I was out of order and not fallowing the order of what ever I was suppose to share. To me that was what I was suppose to share.
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