A Bunch Of Gals and A Few Guys

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A Bunch Of Gals and A Few Guys

Post by GreatFulServant on Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:53 pm

A few days ago I dreamed that I was going to a Christian conference which IRL I was planning to do. When I walked in and looked around the corner I saw about 30 Ladies and about 4 guys, which is typical IRL, and I am :coool: with that. In the dream I really felt out of place at this one and especially when I recognized another guy there. He was a member of my home church who recently lost his house in foreclosure. Made me think all the other husbands were working and providing for their families. I also seen all this great looking food that I like being served there. This food consisted of all kinds of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits and yet I still did not feel comfortable. I felt the Lord was telling me not to go, but tend to my work even though it is in the town I live in and would be convenient to go.

In summary this conference is coming up this week and it is being put on by a world renown ministry and lots of people will be there to connect with. It is pretty much and all day affair with morning sessions, after noon ministry, which I would be participating in as one of the trainees, and evening services. I am a sales person for roofing company that handles insurance claims. Well this week is the most busy week I will have had, with jobs starting one big one on Wednesday, another big one and two small ones on Thursday and another big one on Friday. It was nice that the Lord gave me that dream to hold me back from committing myself and jumping in with both feet. There is still the evening sessions and all day Saturday thumbs . So it will still be good. By the way I did make time for an advanced prophetic conference in mid Sept and part of one the following week which was a blessing. So I really can't feel like I am being cheated out of anything. The Lord does take care of us and I am glad all the gals are going to have fun and eat well. :glory: lol!

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