Splitting up a Plate of Food

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Splitting up a Plate of Food

Post by rosebush on Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:34 am

Dream had me pulling into a driveway that turned out to be the driveway of a couple I knew from a church I attended. I really wasn't getting any ministry from the church that I was in great need of at the time. I realize to myself that I have been living with this couple for a time. Then I pulled further ahead in the driveway but realize it is a series of parking spots each with people stationed to wash the cars. I quickly backed up my red car, this car is what I drive in real life, and was going by men who were walking the direction of the car wash. Amazed that I didn't hit any of these men, for I was going quite fast.

Then I find myself in a hospital situation seeing several men with many visitors. One had a heart attack. Another sick man was not in a bed but sitting up in a strange large cubicle and defecating.

Next I find myself with a needy woman. I believe I know this woman in real life and her name is Samantha. She IRL was a needy woman I befriended along the way and speak to her when I see her. I either had a plate of food or I had gotten a plate of food to share between us. It was a very small plate. We sat down and I was looking for a bowl/plate to split up the food. It was basically a noodle dish and also salad, maybe some vege. I was being very careful to evenly split up the food. Samantha was watching me very carefully and acting sort of crazed. She was hollering about the meat, but I told her there was no meat. Then another lady came to help me and also told Samantha there just was no meat. Lastly I was sorting out the salad. There was a huge hunk of spinach that I don't recall being on the plate earlier, and I was splitting it up with her.

In the end I noted I ended up with a really large plate of food, much more than we had started with.

Thanks for your help!

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