Financial Windfall

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Financial Windfall

Post by Misty on Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:13 am

Hello Everyone!

Recently I've been having very vivid dreams. This is since I started to focus on prayer and meditate on Gods word.
Please can you help me figure this dream out.

I dreamt I was in my house with my daughter and my husband was out.
I was on the phone to friend a rarely speak to about her recent lottery win. She
Started to tell me how she was spending the money. Whilst speaking to her I had
Over whelming feeling that I had also won the lottery. It was as if I forgot and at that
Moment just remembered I’d won. I thought to myself why have myself and my
Husband been struggling financially when we had this windfall.
Then I realised my husband had control of the money. Then I began speaking to
My friends husband and I asked if he was still working and he said ‘no’. He
Explained in his old job he laid tarmac and works as an advisor because
He has years of experience. I couldn’t wait to end the conversation with him
So I could speak to my husband. I looked out of the window and saw out car
outside so I knew my husband was home. When I confronted my husband he
asked if I knew where the keys were and I said upstairs. I got the keys and gave
them to him.

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