The Kids and the Tornado, and The Night-drive Vandal

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The Kids and the Tornado, and The Night-drive Vandal

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:51 pm

Hey, All -

Two dreams in one post, from the same night, and I don't know that they're related, but you never know.

In the first dream, I'm in a narrow hallway with a small group (less than 10) kids. The kids are about my niece's age (9), and she may have been in this group as well. We're in this hallway as shelter from a tornado. The kids are together, but they're just standing around. When I'm aware that the tornado is here, I order the kids to line up facing the wall and crouch down - like I was always taught in elementary school - and they do so. Next, we actually feel the tornado (rumbling, shaking, etc.), and I'm kneeling behind the kids, covering them with my arms, and I order them all to pray. I use the word "order" because there was this feeling of authority over all of them. Finally, I do believe there was a scene where I was taking the kids to their homes.

In the second dream, I'm driving down a country back-road at night. I see a car behind me, a ways off, and I knew that it was some pizza delivery car. I then see it pull into someone's driveway while I keep on going. Looking ahead, I begin to make out something in the road. I don't hit it. I keep driving, and see more of these "things." As I keep going, I realize that these are smashed mailboxes. I continue, and eventually I catch up to a car in front of me. I watch as the driver's arm stretches out of the window, baseball bat in hand. Sure enough, he drives past the next mailbox and smashes it with the bat. Next, my car has this rod pointing out from the front of it, and I speed up to the car in front me. I use the car-mounted rod to poke the vandal driver. The scene changes, and now the vandal is my passenger, and I remember thinking that now he can't keep vandalizing because he's no longer driving. I also believe that there was one final scene where I was meeting up with an old friend of mine - possibly to drop the vandal off to her?

As I typed this out, I've got some ideas as to what they may mean. I cannot think of anything that these apply to in my current circumstances, though. Could be down the road, though...

Thanks for your input!

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