Lion Fetus in a Can?

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Lion Fetus in a Can?

Post by Vile on Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:40 am

I was making food and I got a can of lion meat from Indonesia to use in my kitchen. When I opened it, there wasn't ground meat, but a fetus of a lion. I felt sorry for it, recalling some eastern countries that eat chicken egg fetus' straight from the egg. It's yellow eye blinked at me. It was still alive.

There was some meat left in the can and it began to eat at it weakly, then started to grow hair. I started looking all over my house for food for it to eat and soon it became a healthy kitten running around my kitchen floor really happily. Thinking it was pretty stiff for staying in that can so long, I opened the door to the garage, and it shot out through the garage to my backyard. It looked like I hadn't mowed in months, but I thought that was a good thing. That likely meant there were critters for the lion to hunt. No sooner had I thought that, he had a white rabbit he was noshing on and he was growing really fast. He then jumped the fence into the neighbors yard. I was worried at first, but there was nothing but my neighbor's houses and lots of tall grass with an awesome sunrise, so I let him romp around.

I named him Zio... since I was looking for frozen pizza to feed him with, and there's a local pizza place called Zio's. After he ran back, I tried to call Pastor Mark, remembering his dream about holding a lion cub, but couldn't find his number. Then I look up and there's another small lion sitting next to him. I tried to find a name for him too... I tried Leonidas, but he kinda didn't like it. Then just Leo seemed okay. They kept running around the yard and I had to wonder how the heck I was going to get away with keeping them and when they ran past me, a boardwalk grew from under where they were running, and a new building was built in my backyard. Apparently that was all I needed to legally own them. I was even sitting in the back yard when Leo glomped me with his huge paws, sitting his big chin on my shoulder. His claws hurt a little, but he let up a little, just plopping his huge arms around me before going off the chase another rabbit.

A world-wide search was made in Indonesia as to whom was illegally putting these fetus' on the market for meat. Zio and Leo were just chilling in the hay of the new building when I woke up.

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