A day in the life...

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A day in the life...

Post by twinsolidus77 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:17 pm

I was in a car with my future wife; whether we were married or before marriage in the dream I do not know. I do not remember if I was driving, or one of the two people along with her and I were driving, they did not have faces. I know that is the Holy Spirit or angels. This is the first dream I have had with her where the car did not break down in the dream.

We are driving for a while, and we park along this sidewalk in a neighborhood. On the other side of the side walk, there is a high fence; maybe 7 foot high standard chain link fence. We get out the car and everything is normal for her and I. We were going to cross the street and walk to a friend's house a few houses down.

On the other side of the sidewalk is a fence, her x boyfriend pulls up, screeched his tires as he hit the breaks. This is as she was getting out of the car we were in. He gets out of his car, hops over the fence and I see that he has a machete in his pants in the front. I also see other machetes in holsters around his waste; they were not swords. He comes at me, but isnt threatening, but upset and mentions his sister as to blame her or clarify for what reason, I do not know. I know that my future wife and myself were not afraid at all.

One thing I noticed as he pulled up on the otherside of the fence, is that he seemed out of it and without his seatbelt the way he jerked in his vehicle as he slammed on the breaks. Another thing I noticed as that happened, I was like "okay" and I looked back at where my future wife and I had to go and there were two cars parked along the street with other cars that started glowing red. My other thoughts during the dream were what drama will there be and is there anyone else around that is seeing this like my friends (hence why I looked towards my friends house after I saw him pull up. Interesting

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