Filling out paperwork at his house

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Filling out paperwork at his house

Post by meg2011 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:31 pm

I am at Neil's house. His daughter Kara is also there. There was a white suv parked at the house besides his other 2 vehicles. I decided to park my blue jeep next to the vehicles underneath the tree. I was then in the living room with them. I don't remember what we were doing. Guess I came back the next day as well because this was stretched out over a weekend. The next time I came I had Gracee (my 5yr old niece) with me. He had some toys there so she was playing with those. Kara was with Gracee and I in the bedroom playing.

I'm now in the kitchen. Neil is there with me. There is another couple there with us. Chris Brown and his wife. (I don't actually know them) We were sitting around the table. They are filling out paperwork for something and I am helping. I came to a question on how to get to Neil's house. I start filling it out then notice it has already been done so I scratch it out. Something about a video crew that was there last year so they already did it. It was directions from IGA--grocery store. Chris told me good job. Chris asked Neil when he would be able to come to his house. A date was set (don't remember actual date) and Neil said that sounds good, that would be no problem. There was a china tea set sitting on the table. About the size a little girl would play with. Neil was showing me how the film crew did it. He picked it up and showed me and had the little cup between his fingers. I told him it is so small that I wouldn't be able to pick it up, let alone pour tea into it. He said there were a bunch of people and they didn't have a problem. There was also a china pitcher with a lid. He showed his daughter and said we should feel this up again and use it.

Now I'm in the kitchen with Kara and Zach. We are eating. They are having shrimp and mashed potatoes. They got to talking that sometimes this person (don't remember the name) would have shrimp and applesauce for dinner. Then Kara asked Zach if he ever ate ground shrimp. Zach said that is gross. There was another women there that was also eating mashed potatoes. She asked Kara if her dad ever made mashed potatoes. She said yes. I was eating the mashed potatoes. Neil walked in the room and said we are eating again. Taco bell just wasn't enough. I'm hungry again.

I'm now in the bedroom with Kara. I'm putting my camera (DSLR with 2 lenses) back in the bag. She said you like to take pictures too. I knew she does. I said yeah. I have to take my camera to work with me alot and that kind of makes me nervous. Guess because it's so expensive. (I'm protective of it in RL) I was putting the camera and lens back in the bag. She asks how to get rid of the VCR. The video tapes don't work. Every time she tries they get stuck. So we take out the VCR. It was a VCR/DVD combo. I looked at the cabinet and there was a bunch of preaching/sermon cassette tapes. I said thank you Jesus. So he does listen.

Mom was there to get Gracee and brought clothes for her. Think Gracee had just had her shower before bed. I was wanting her to pick up her toys so Neil wouldn't have to. I'm playing with Gracee. We are in the bedroom with Neil. I change Gracee on the bed. There was new underwear and pj's laid out. They were a blue short/shirt outfit. He said something about bribing her. I said I have to do that at home sometimes as well.

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