Jesus coming in a fluffy white clouds and the timer

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Jesus coming in a fluffy white clouds and the timer

Post by habakuku on Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:00 am

I am new in this site but I have series of dreams that I need interepretation of. But I have a very short dream that I had recently.

The dream is as follows.

I was somewhere and whe i lifted my head up I saw a Big message written Jesus is coming back soon as I was reading that There was a timer clock that was counting down from ten (10) downwards. As the countdown was going on the weather stardted to change the world was dim there was mist aroung. I looked up again i saw a thick fluffy clounds and behind the clouds I could hear an ochestra and drums in harmony. My body was lifted up in my flash. I woke up that is the end of my dream.

Can some one interepret this dream for me. Thank you very much God bless you

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