Mexico 9 hour Operation

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Mexico 9 hour Operation

Post by Gillboa on Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:59 pm

I had a dream where a woman and her husband came to a hospital where they going to do a hysterectomy. The man was with the woman when they start the procedure and you could see that see was in great pain. But then I heard a voice speaking to me, telling me that the woman is on the table for 9 hours and the doctor is not coming back. I tried to phone someone for help but just then an ambulance came. I told the man to help the woman so we could get her to the ambulance. When we got outside the ambulance was gone and the man was also nowhere to be seen and the strange thing was I knew we were in Mexico. I walk with her although I knew she needed help, I could do nothing at that moment. We walked past the defense force till we found a police station. This is where the dream ended.
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