A problem with my family in a van.

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A problem with my family in a van.

Post by steadygaze on Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:09 am

Hi all.


My aunt asked my cousin and I if we wanted to go to a movie. So my cousin and I said, yes.The next thing I know we get into the van my aunt and uncle had. The van was like a bus it had four row seats and each seat had a curtain so we had our own privacy. The next thing I know My cousin and I were there and then his wife he is having major problems with is there. as I wonder back to the far seat I see an old friend from church she seemed a bit drunk and out of sorts. I was surprised to see here.. I asked her how she was and if she was okay. Then she responded as she remembered I was going to India she reached in her purse and pulled out some money and handed it to me and said, " I made a promise I would help support you to India and she went on about a certain amount she had promised. I did not have about clue what she was talking about I had not seen her in several years and she was drunk or something. I tried to hand the amount back to her but she would not receive it back. She told me she still owed me more and I am thinking she gave me allot of money. She told me to go see someone else for the rest I do not remember who. The next think I know my cousin takes my purse and begins to really tease me and would not give my purse back. I got angry at him and said hand it back. It seemed he was doing this to amuse his new wife he had been separated from. My aunt does nothing about it and it made me furious because my little cousin always got what he wanted. So I was not happy because all the money for India was in that purse. Then a day latter as we get back on the bus again to go somewhere my aunt ask my aunt are you ever going to do something about my purse? My aunt made a comment and say's is'ant you account number dah dah dah? I said, Yes, she smiled yes I did something with your money I deposited it. I was like what no because it would have caused problems with my trip and my account.
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