a few dreams...

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a few dreams...

Post by mommyof2 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:38 pm

In my dream, A few years ago, I was driving down our road and there was a car along the side of the road wrecked, it was purple, windshield busted and no person was there.

The very next day, that exact car I dreamed about was sitting along the road at the exact spot, same color damage and all. I thank God to this day that the person survived.

Fast forward: In May 2011 I dreamed that my fiances' cousin died in a car wreck. How, when where and why, I did not know, but I knew it was him. I did not take it into farther consideration. A few days later, I got the call. He did die in an accident. Talking about something that creeped me out and still does scare me. I think to this day that I could have prevented it, but than think, that God must have knew it was his time to come home .

Now, also, I usually get visions of family and friends when they become pregnant. I will consistently dream it and when I tell them, they find out within a month, they are pregnant. I did this with both of my boys as well. I dreamed my mom was pregnant at the same time as me with my first son, I asked her if she was and she said no. Come to find out she was indeed pregnant and she did not tell me till she was 2 months.

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