Repost My van and trailer being stolen by a family and a police officer, pluse a crystal clear pond.

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Repost My van and trailer being stolen by a family and a police officer, pluse a crystal clear pond.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:00 pm

Greetings once again I here with the other dream that woke me up.


I had my van with a trailor attached to it for sale.(IRL there is no trailor with my van.) My van has a water leak and I need to sell it so I put it up for sale. (IRL my van does have a bad water leak and it is for sale.) This man comes with his family and asks me if I would allow him to drive my van and trailor up to this mountain top and he had a real valid reason so I let him do that. Well the next thing I know he steals my van and trailor. So I call the police and this real nicen officer answers the phone and I explain to him the situation and he is writing it down and does sound concerend for me. Well then a lady gets on the line or she is in the room and needs his attention for some reason and then she apologizes to me for interupting, she was very nice. The next thing I know I get a call from the officer asking me to come and see him. I go up to this mountain top where the police station is and the lady was there and the lady took me to see this pond she had. She told me to look in the pond so I go to look in and the water is crystal clear it was like glass. As I looked in I saw something like a huge fish or something,( but can't remember but it was important for some reason but could not remember when I woke up.) Anyway, I went into see the guy officer and he had this video tape of the guy who stole my van and the trailor attached to it. I watched the video and and I saw the guy like mountain climbing a bridge at the ocean where I live in the natural. I tell the officer,I need to get the van back it has a water leak and I am concerned if they drive it and it dies or the radiator blows it will kill someone. This was my deepest concern. Well I have a friend with me who I do not know who it is, I can not see this friends face, and I am heading towards the beach to find this guy and make him return what he stole from from me. We get to the beach and we can not find him at the location he was at and we even go into search in the resturants and he is not there. I turn to my friend and said," He may be traveling in my van and trailor and we have got to find him.

I went back to sleep around 5:00AM this morning and when I fell back to sleep I was taken to that same type of pond in the dream above. The same lady who was in my first dream took me again to that same pond and she was having me look into the crystal clear water and I saw some things but I do not remember what they were.The funny thing this pond looked like a well.What I mean is it was built with shiny coble stones all around it and, it was like a well but was like a pond too. You can look into it by leaning over it and things in the clear water are inhanced or magnified.

If any of you get anything please let me know.
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Re: Repost My van and trailer being stolen by a family and a police officer, pluse a crystal clear pond.

Post by AngelFromSa on Wed Nov 26, 2008 1:02 am

Hi, This dream is about your intersession ministry. Maybe you feel that the ministry is not for you thats why you want to get rid of it. The man can stand for the church and the family for your brothers and sisters in your church. It can be that they're standing in your way (the Lord wants to give you a promotion - spirutualy). They are stealing the blessings/ministries from you what the Lord wants to give to you. But the police officer ( the Lord) will help you get through this, you will speak to the Lord and He will speak to you / communication through prayer ( telephone ). You have authority over your situation.

It's like the Lord is saying don't worry about situations there's lots of souls (fish in pond) you must reach - Lord will lead you through with the Holy Spirit. Maybe you had a prophetic word about a new ministry and the Lord just want to remind you about it ( video tape).

I don't know if you're looking to go to a new church, but you must look for the right one.

At the end of the dream you realise that the "van" is your intersession ministrie and you are asking the Lord to lead you through the Holy Spirit.

Maybe the repeat is to tell you that the main thing is that you will do and can do your ministry if you let the Lord help you. He WILL give you His Holy Spirit to lead you.

I am afrikaans so please excuse if the terms or spelling isn't correct. I don't normaly reply. I hope this will help a little. Please reply to this (I'm in a learning proses) and would like to know your comments or if you've got any questions.

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