Strange postnatal dream

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Strange postnatal dream

Post by dreamz on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:31 am

Hi I am new to this site. My name is moana and i am 33.I have 2 adopted children and had a baby girl in Jan 2011. Drs told me I was unable to naturally have children. Amen he gave me a beautiful baby girl. Sadly she died 1 hr later. But i still thank the lord for his blessing and a chance to carry her in my womb. Thankyou lord for your mercy.
My dream took place in and around a hospital.I had my new born baby in My arms and carried him/her outside to show to the father(partner). He was sitting outside the hospital under the shade of some trees. As I approached him he didn't seem to be very interested in me and the child he was more interested in patting our flee ridden dog. So I got upset and pointed out his attitude. In return he only smiled at me and took the baby in his arms and looked at the baby fondly.
I took the baby back from him and went back inside the hospital room where the midwife was arranging herself for the babys vaccination. I sat down and she said to me you will name your baby fynn. I looked at her in disagreement and said that's not a strong name. I will name it storm now confused if it's a girl or a boy. She replied and said.o.k
Still sitting down I was overcome by a sense of sadness while looking at the baby and I was very quite so the midwife asked me why I seemed sad. I replied " I need to tell you something, I am not married yet I have a child" she looked at me with a comforting face and said dont worry and don't be ashamed of yourself,your not the only one I also have a child. Then I woke up. It was so detailed and strange..please help me, what might all this mean?

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