New building for MegaChurch

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New building for MegaChurch

Post by Shan on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:39 pm

I'm needing some help decifering a dream I had about my church that caused me great concern. I'm really wanting to make sure that I didn't dream this due to my own preconceived notions.

I go to a very large church with a very influential and well-known pastor. Over the past few years I believe there has been a negative shift that may be influenced by media and the ever-growing popularity of my pastor. My pastor is a good and godly man who has a great heart to see the lost saved and the enslaved free. But I have gotten the sense that there may be a spirit of pride lurking around. I have been around other people from my church that have stated that they see this when I hadn't mentioned a word about my feelings to anyone in these groups. We do have a new multi-million dollar building that hosts a lot of events that has garnered praise from many people. Anyway, here's the dream:

I dreamed that there was a new church building where everyone was singing it's praises and talking about how big and grand it was. I hadn't personally seen the new building because I attended a smaller satellite church. For some reason I was called upon to help receive an award from local city councilmen for how wonderful the building was. The new building was in the center of the city. My pastors wife was receiving the award on my pastor's behalf because he was too busy to be there. I was helping her find a place for it in the city/church garden. The award was a heavy, leaded glass square object that was lined with gold. My pastor's wife was very humble and appreciative regarding the award. I tried and tried to find the church as I was told it was near. Finally, I saw the building. It was an 8 story building that looked like a city library. There was nothing spectacular about it at all. On one side only was ivy growing up the wall. It was supposed to be there for asthetic reasons and I was wondering how the building contractors got it to grow so fast, but it really looked odd and out of place. It wasn't pretty at all. The building was a disappointment to me. The feelings I had in the dream that resonated with me the most were how humble my pastor's wife was and the total absence of my pastor. Also, the city officials didn't mention anything about the ministry or the people it helped, only the building. I thought that to be odd.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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