Finding bugs in a empty house where homeless people were staying that lost their jobs.

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Finding bugs in a empty house where homeless people were staying that lost their jobs.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:51 am

Hi and greetings dears ones,

I had this dream yesterday and pondered it. I felt moved to send it I know these people that are lossing jobs needs our prayers.


I went to an empty house and it was like in a country type of area, as I walked in I could see people were living their with their kids. I saw sleeping bags every where on the floor and little bags and such. I some how knew these were not your tipical homeless people they were people who were good citizens and carried jobs and spent their lives working to support their families. Well as I walked and looked around I saw spiders crawleing every where and I began to step on them. I would jump up and down and more would come out of the wood work. I grabed some bug spray and just sprayed every where. Then I saw high up in the wall a huge hole where hug Cockroaches where looking out at me and I got angry they were invading this house so I got this bug spray and went right to the hole and sprayed them to death. I knew that this was not going to rid the whole house of these creatures and that I needed to call an extermenater. I did not want these people living with their children in this kind of condition they deserved more then that.

Boy was that a bug war or what! duh rofl

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