30 year friend as a wolf?

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30 year friend as a wolf?

Post by judylanescheihing on Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:38 am

Another dream.. ,mark Oct 8,
I had a dream of a wolf walking toward me . It was a huge wolf and had a heavy winter coat. I could see only one eye , But he was a male wolf ,and kept looking directly at me, as if he was unsure of me.He neared me with caution and in the dream he kept his mouth closed.
And very slowly began to walk toward me.keeping one eye on me . It was very light in the dream . I could see a corner of a tarp a very deep blue trap.this tarp lay at my feet. The kind people often cover boats with. As the wolf came forward ,he began to drop down and snuggle his nose a the hole in the tarp. Until it his nose was completely into the hole and he was down on all 4,s .as he did this he kept one eye on me and he snuggled down and began to close his eye and went to sleep. It seemed he trusted me and he just rested as if he had been carrying a burden and now could rest.now he could.

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Re: 30 year friend as a wolf?

Post by Dove-Solutions on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:01 am


These are my thoughts only and not an interpretation per say. It may be the Lord is showing you a friend who is having some problems who is afraid to talk to you about what is going on for them but somehow finds rest being near you.....Just like the last sentence in the dream....carrying a burden and he could rest. Do you know someone struggling with something right now...a burden they have shared with you? If so pray for them and talk to them about it if you can. Let the Lord lead you there. They want to trust you. It is your job to be a friend and love them through their situation. I pray this is of help.

Love in Jesus,

Connie :hearts:

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