dreamed again 30year friend

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dreamed again 30year friend

Post by judylanescheihing on Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:34 am

October 10,2011
I went back to sleep this morning. I had a dream of standing before a cut out window in the wall.. There were people behind the cut out standing .like a drive through window but bigger. It was some what dark behind the people. Setting on top of what looked like a small corner was a old windows monitor screen .
In the area where the people stood behind the monitor . I could see a key board and knew it was my key board. So I reached into the area of the cut out window to retrieve it.
When I did this ,i touched a black desk top lamp setting beside the old windows monitor..
I said it shocked me . It really hurt.and I rubbed my hand and arm.(in the dream I felt no hurt or pain) In reality when this women did hurt my daughter personally and me deeply . My daughter became greatly discouraged and turn away from other Christian.s it was a thing satan used to put a stumbling block before my daughter.

With this a women said what happened ? I could see her plainly at this point, she had on my my stereo head set of speakers. Big ones that cover the ear. In the dream they were black.
I said i touched a black desk top lamp.
And it shocked me . It really hurt.
I could see on to the key board were many black cords now plugged into the key board.so it was no longer moveable .

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