prophecy for my dad!

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prophecy for my dad!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:42 am

Inside this room (looked sort of like a classroom/bank but can't remember) and there's a bunch of people inside of it. There was this lady sitting at this desk (the kind in elementary schools with the basket underneath) and she's right in the middle (between other desks) prophesying to certain people that come near her. I remember seeing this one man sitting down in front of her as she's writing down in this steno pad and whispering "words from the Lord" to this young gentleman. (I assumed that he really didn't want people to hear his prophecy so that's why he and the lady are inches apart as they're faces almost touch; The man seemed comforted by his received revelation). As always, I was curious but still on my guard as to approach the woman or not (I mean she couldn't tell me anything that I didn't already know--right?)

Surprisingly, moments later, I see my dad go up to the woman and stand behind her against the wall (her desk was near the wall). His black/white tie was hanging off his neck (not tied up) and his collar was up, along with his first shirt button unbuttoned. My dad had on a black suit--looked as though he was getting ready to go to church. Another customer (a woman) had been sitting down, so I guess my dad just wanted to know what this lady was "all about". He sat down in the desk (his back facing her) and began "knocking underneath the desk" (ie: like "knock on wood"). The noise to me for some reason sounded like a "say-onse" (spelling). The lady began to speak. She says, "I SEE BROTHER, do you have a brother". My dad was speaking to another woman in a side conversation (looked kinda angry) then he says nochalantly, "yeah, I have a brother".

The lady goes on to say, "HE WILL GET IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND NOT REGISTER". (during this time I was contemplating whether I should go up and get a prophecy since I'm so QUICK TOO-lol about my ex and my husband but I recanted because I didn't want others in my business). Anyway, my dad looked shocked at the revelation and was speechless. I was sitting in a recliner (my back towards dad) and my sibling was beside me, I said, "UNCLE S in an accident?...I JUST thought about him being in a car accident a couple of days ago." My father said, "that's good. When something out of the blue comes to you like that, don't take it lightly, that's a sign to pray." I kept thinking, "wow, God does reveal things to me before he does to others...I was wondering why I kept seeing that image of an accident!"

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