Series of Dreams 10/10

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Series of Dreams 10/10

Post by sunshinelove on Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:43 am

Dream1 :I applied for 3 jobs & I didn't get hired. This time I went to the manager with my application. He looked at it & pointed out my education. He didn't believe I graduated from college. The manager asked me did I have a diploma. I told him I can bring it from home. Then I asked him can I pull up my information on the computer so he can see I graduated from college. He tossed my application to the side.

I am back home with two guys who seen like my family members. I was so mad I was jumping up and down in anger. I told the guys I wanted to start my business. One of them told me I should just go back to school & get my masters b/c I could make $60,000 and the other told me I should just find a job. They went on and on about how they are struggling & how I could get a house if I go back to school.

Dream 2: There were several men who were friends gathered together in a living room. One man said that the product **something the Lord has revealed to me** was selling fast and he wanted to invest in it. He was so confident in it he sent his wife & child on a vacation.

Dream 3: I went to live with my family members on my mom side. They treated me real bad. I remember I was sitting on the floor across from my mom and she was making ugly comments about my short hair. She started throwing water bottles at me.

Dream: 4 A woman took her child and left b/c she found out her husband was gay. Overtime she came back and brought their daughter around him. The daughter and father got along real good. The mom was kind of jealous of their relationship. The dad was helping his daughter put on make up. The mom took a lipliner and she was going to do her lips. She noticed in the mirror her face was breaking out with pimples. Also her phone was ringing but she never answered it.

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