Told My Friend I was starting a business/in Classrooom

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Told My Friend I was starting a business/in Classrooom

Post by sunshinelove on Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:32 am

Dream 1: I was in my childhood home. I left in a car. While I was driving I was talking on the phone with my bestfriend telling her I was going to start a business. ***The strange thing is I was talking on one of those phones with the cord but it wasn't plugged into the base & I was using it like a cellphone (meaning I was in the car talking on this phone like it was a cellphone).

Dream 2: I was sitting in a college class and my professor was putting resale prices on our textbooks to sell back. I remember logging into the computer in class with my screen name here...sunshine love...***I only use this name on this site.***

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