the pastor in my dream

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the pastor in my dream

Post by nancy43 on Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:00 am

I am in my mothers 1888 farmhouse in which i rent at present, in my dream i am in the kitchen when i see a familiar pastor ( a spiritual father/mentor to me) pooring gasoline on the floors, he looks upset and sad and immediately i am aware he is losing his church so i sympathetically tell him "dont worry God will give you a bigger and better one" I then am told to get out of my house as the house will burn down/ be lost so I ask can i just get some of my things together so i wont have to replace them? the next minute I am out of the house walking down a dirt road , following my pastor with none of my things with me yet i dont seem to mind. I see alot of people sitting on the sides of this dirt road as i walk by and they seem to be onlookers when one woman whom seems familiar smiles at me and i smile back and continue following the pastor. my dream ends...... ....... then i dream another dream prior to this dream that i am on a beautiful green grass hill under a large tree and i am looking towards the sun on the top of the hill but i cant see the details but i can see the light when all of a sudden i am out side of my body noticing there is white cloths covering my eyes ( eyeballs only) I feel at peace but i am struggling to see. thats it ... help me understand!

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