Shark and Pier Dream

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Shark and Pier Dream

Post by writer4him on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:52 pm

I was on a pier with my 4 kids. My youngest son had somehow come to be lying facedown on a pilon several feet away from and below the pier. I was scared because he can't swim and the water was deep.
The pilon was not part of the pier; it seemed old and was leaning over in the water. He was trying to reach something just below the water line. It was a reel and rod and he pulled it up then passed it over his shoulder and up to me.
I grabbed the rod and pulled him up as well. Just as I began to reel in the line and could see a large unbaited hook on it, a huge fish grabbed the hook and tried to swim away. I managed to land it in a surprisingly short period of time considering it turned out be a 6-foot long shark or catfish.
My older son called for me because he had found something on the beach. I turned and saw what appeared to be a beached man-of-war and he picked it up before I could warn him not to touch it. He was not stung; the blob seemed to be just a blob of clear jelly-like substance. However, it was filled with little marine snails with pretty shells and interesting patterns on their bodies. We collected them and I remember attempting to use one for bait.

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