Laundry Mat~strange lying neighbor!

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Laundry Mat~strange lying neighbor!

Post by Daisy on Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:57 am

Had a dream I went to a laundry mat to wash clothes. Realized I didn't have any soap, so I asked if they had a laundry service. Can't remember what happened.

Then had a dream I met a new neighbor of mine. Seemed like she was in my old childhood neighborhood, the small house was a duplex. We were talking for while outside in the driveway. We were talking about the kids trick or treating. I was telling her how I don't like to take them on my own...I like to do it as a family with my husband. This woman's husband was nearby listening on our conversation but not joining in. Then she started talking about her daughter and how she does a special kind of dance. The wording sounded familiar to my daughters dance. I started asking her questions about it...thinking both the girls may know each other. I was also thinking we might go to the same church together possibly, if she was a christian, because this dance studio is IRL at my church.

Scene change We were in a car now. Someone was driving..there was someone with me back seat with me. This lady was in the front, but she stopped talking all together. I kept wanting to ask her more about her daughters dance class. She was completely ignoring me. She turned to the other person in the back seat and said 'I am just a big fat liar, so I am not going to talk anymore!' Then I thought, o maybe our girls dont go to dance together.

Somewhere in here I started peeling these small and thin patches of skin of my arm. It didn't hurt. Somewhere along the drive, I realized our girls did go to dance together..weird! I could see them doing flips together! (which is weird, cuz they dont do flips in dance, that would be gymnastics which my daughter is not in lol! )I was thinking its a small world.

We drove back to the laundry mat from before, but there were different owners this time. My laundry was still there from before, just like I left it. I remember my aunt and uncle somehow coming into the dream for some reason. I feel like we were driving in the country to get to the laundry mat. I asked if there was a laundry service again, the owner said yes. I thought I didn't have laundry soap to wash the clothes. Then I spotted it! I started to wash my clothes (had my own private room in back), there were like 3 or 4 big loads to do. Started transferring my clothes from the front room to the private room. I felt like I was pressed for time...even though I had laundry soap I decided on having the service done.

Went up front to ask for the laundry service. Started talking to the lady. As I did, I seen these girls carrying out something to the car. I realized this woman just got talked into buying into some multi-level marketing thing. I told her she just got sucked into a multi-level marketing scam....she had no clue!

Woke up
IRL I do have a lot of laundry that needs to be done literally! lol! Sure would be nice if I could hire someone to do it for me... lol! rofl

Thought it was coincidental that my neighbor ended up needing to borrow some dishwasher soap this morning too.... lol!


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