Moving countries and their borders...

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Moving countries and their borders...

Post by Shan on Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:55 pm

I had this dream the other night:

I dreamt that I was in Budapest, Hungary (never really been there) and I was being shown around by some students. One of them took me to his home and his family was very hospitable. I liked them very much. I was in the country as some sort of a diplomat and I knew I was there to learn the customs.

I was then given the task of arranging Hungary and other smaller countries (probably about 10) around so that there would be peace at their borders. Some of these countries were Muslim, others were European. I was arranging them like puzzle pieces with my fingers. Some people would come to me and tell me that wasn't a good idea because of "such and such" either economical or religious reasons. I would take their concerns into consideration. I also had my dad by my side (he is not a Christian, but knows a lot about other countries) to help me make my decisions. These people trusted me as I had some sort of authority. Everyone who came to me with suggestions was peaceful and respectful. Dream ended. A curious point was that I didn't feel a strong presence from the Lord. It wasn't as if He was shut out of the picture but I didn't feel any negativity or oppression either. Maybe my dad represented the Father though? There also was no obvious demonic presence either.

I have a LOT of dreams about other countries. In my dreams I have been in other countries as a missionary or short-term missionary. Most of the time it is in war-torn, third world countries. I have had to run for my life and do operations in the night so as not to be detected by militants. I've also been imprisoned in one dream. Other times I'm there as a tourist, but something significant usually happens. I know these are not just random dreams. I feel as if the Lord is preparing me for something. I always know either the specific country or region I'm in. I've been to China, Spain, France, Hungary, the Baltic Sea region, Yemen, various other regions of the middle east and a communist Asian country, possibly N.Korea. Does anyone know what this could mean? I usually pray for these countries, because that's all I know to do at this point. The Lord has shown me that my husband and I will be ministers to the missionaries in other countries (I am not married yet, nor have we met) possibly to relieve them or refill them. Could God be showing me what these missionaries are experiencing to give me an idea as to how to minister to them? I am usually very guarded about who I share these with, but the dreams are coming more and more often and I need some direction. Thank you in advance! I love my fellow dreamers!

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