friends of 30 years

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friends of 30 years

Post by judylanescheihing on Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:29 pm

I have had dreams of this couple for 7 years, after a falling out; we are christians
i had a dream recently of this couple . i dream of them at times, for a long time now. . I was setting in a room with another women.​​​​ (?)I ask her if she knew what happened to the couple in the double wide. We were about the same age and I thought we could be friends. Had they moved?
No answer.. then I was in a car driving down a short dirt road .knowing the double wide ,the couples home was behind me. Ruts and such were on the road,it needed to be graded . Along side the road were tall pine trees. As I looked I could see I was alsmost to the paved highway. I would have to turn right or left onto the road. Just befor reaching this road. A truck cut across my lane and turned into the left hand lane . It was the couple I had inquired about. The man was driving very fast aroung the turn and headed toward the double wide. Beside him was his wife who was wareing a white t, and black pants. They did not look my way but went on in the dream. I did not turn or go furthur . Thank you judy

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