Unhappy Wife

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Unhappy Wife

Post by Darcy on Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:55 pm

Hey I had a dream a few nights ago that I was with this pastor and his wife (not real people but resembled a couple I know . The wife was unhappy in her marraige as she felt that it wasnt what she had imagined it would be, her husband was a nice man and loved her but i dont think she really loved him. I remember trying to encourage her to find things she liked about her marraige but she was just not happy because she didnt really lover her husband. In the next scene of the dream I am lying in a field on a sunny sunday afternoon after church with a group of my friends. We are lying at the entrance of a blue gazebo and some of us are lying inside it. One of my friends gets ready to leave for home and before he left he turned to me and said that he would like to take me up north to visit his home region. I said ok and asked when he would like to do this and he replied he wasnt sure when but would text and let me know. As I was speaking to him I became aware that I was holding some other guys hand the other guy was really familiar to me but I dont know who he is. I felt slighlty selfconcious of this and hoped my friend wouldnt notice I was holding someone elses hand. Any thoughts please?

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