Driving a car in water

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Driving a car in water

Post by aeiou on Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:43 pm

I can only remember the second part of my dream because the first part is a little fuzzy. The only bits and pieces I remember from the first part are: attending a wedding for people whom I don't know and working for Starbucks where I had to clean a lot of bathrooms and had trouble finding the cleaning supplies in a maze of corridors.

The second part of my dream feels more important to me. After the wedding, as I mentioned above, a male friend of mine from church loaned me his motorcycle. I noticed that I was wearing a pink, very short dress with a peach cardigan. After riding a little shakily I pulled off the side of the road. Before getting off the bike, I remember looking down at myself and feeling very embarrassed for two reasons: because the dress was riding up making myself very exposed and that I didn't know how to properly ride the bike. I called my husband in the dream to come pick me up.

When my husband picked me up in his car we drove (I was in the passenger seat the whole time) and ordered drinks from Starbucks, but soon afterwards got into an argument about money. He asked me why I didn't use my banking card to purchase my own drink. I told him that I didn't because our finances were connected and if he didn't have the money in his account I wouldn't have it in mine. I remember feeling that this was a really stupid argument and that he should have not gotten angry. In the middle of the argument I remember looking out the windshield and seeing that we were on a wide interstate lined by forest. At one point while we were driving, I saw a man pulled over on the side of the road using a chain saw to cut through a huge, old tree to make way for all of the cars. The weather I noticed was getting more windy. As I was looking out the window, there were naked trees (huge, old, weathered looking trees -- blonde-ish wood, taller and thicker than houses) being blown by the wind so hard that they were falling onto the highway. Cars started to swerve and come towards us. I remember telling my husband how thankful I was that I wasn't driving the motorcycle in this. The trees kept falling on the highway and I began to get scared. I started to speak in tongues, praying for safety. I pointed out the trees that were about to fall to my husband so that they wouldn't hit us. As we continued to drive the highway turned into water.

At this point I remember getting really scared. The trees kept falling, cars kept coming towards us, and the waves started to come up around the car. The highway looked like a swamp-ish, tree studded lake that was still lined by forest. With the car moving fast, seemingly without our control due to the current, we had to make a decision quickly on which path to follow. There was a fork in the water road to the right and left, but just as we were to take the left path, my husband said that all the trees and current made it impossible to get there. We had to make it to the right. For both paths I couldn't see what was beyond the opening of them; I just knew that we had to make it to either one. While making our way towards the right, several huge boats almost missed us. The waves and black-ish water started to almost engulf the car. That's when I woke up.

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