3 dreams: Chased/Stabbed/Held Down

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3 dreams: Chased/Stabbed/Held Down

Post by sunshinelove on Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:37 am

1st dream: I had an abortion & I was wrapping myself with some type of bandage so no one would no. I was passing through a mechanic shope & I noticed 2 men were after me. I started running & they chased me. We were running in this huge ditch in & out of tunnels. While I was inside the tunnel one man was at the one end and the other other was at the other end. They were coming towards me. Before they caught me I work up.

2nd: I was in the kitchen of the home the home I grew up in. I was sitting with a doctor & another man. The other man grabbed a huge needle with some type of liquid in it. He stabbed the doctor in the head and then he stabbed me in both legs. The doctor said not to worry because it wasn't enough in there to do anyting. The man was trying to stop me from getting outside but I got out. I grabbed a bottle, went back inside, and threw it at the man but I missed.

3rd dream: I was a family event. I remember introducing my family to different people. At night I was laying on the floor sleeping. I tried to get up but I couldn't. Then I realized there was a man holding my head down to the floor & I couldn't get up. I fianlly got up and the man went under the bed. I jumped on the bed to work up my daughter. We jumped off the bed so the man couldn't grab us. I grabbed some clothes because I realized I wasn't fully dressed. Me & my daughter went to the bathroom. I noticed the bathtub was already full of water & it was warm. When I looked into the mirror. My hair was gone. It was cut into a very low boy style.

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