An old friend comes back around

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An old friend comes back around

Post by steadygaze on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:07 am

Hello beloved ones.

I had a dream and I find it interesting. In real life I had a friend I was close to begin to get weird on me and I was not sure what was going on. Then out of the blue after two years of not seeing her she calls me and talks as if nothing is going on. Well it got weird from there again. Well now we have no friendship she just took the friendship away. I know she had some painful things going on in her her life so I think it stemmed from that.


I was in my apartment doing some things and my phone rings and I did not pick it up because I am dealing with the loss of my cousin and just cannot talk to people right now like IRL. Then I hear Jackie's voice yelling out my name by my window outside and it is Jackie My old friend but I avoid going to the window because I was really hurt from her and my cousin died so I am dealing with all these emotions and I do not respond. So Jackie leaves and I go okay I am going to talk to her, so I call her on the phone she picks up and again she still starts talking as if nothing happened and I am going what the heck, she is acting again like nothing happened I cannot go through this again.

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