Attack on celebreties

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Attack on celebreties

Post by greyfort on Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:17 am

This was a dream I had this morning that felt so real that when I woke up I was trying to remember when this happened! LOL

I was dreaming I was watching a documentary on television - it went along with 9/11 but it happened afterwards where there was a coordinated attack by multiple terrorists to open fire on many tv, movie, and Broadway stars. In awaking none of the stars looked familiar but in the dream I knew who all of them were as the documentary showed various clips of them at the height of their careers. I remember some of them looked like they were from an old 80's show because of their dress and hair styles. I know at one point in the dream I was suddenly "in the action" and was there at one of the sites that had gunfire had erupted. I was safe because it felt like I was more of a witness than anything.

Like I said, when I woke up I kept trying to remember when this had happened because I was sure I was remembering a memory. I don't believe this dream to be prophectic; but because I do remember it I wanted to record it before I forgot it

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