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need direction

Post by kbaldwin on Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:36 pm

I felt I was to go back to my journal and read Sept 19 2010 this past Sept 19 2011. I was shocked to read a dream I did not really pursue. But now it speaks louder and I have a feeling of the meaning, but do not want to act without having counsel.
I was wanting/needing/planning/thinking I could move to Middleburg( where I went to boarding school, Foxcroft) and start a cheerleading team. I thought my daughter has just one more year of school and then there will be nothing for me to do. Thought of all the change and restarting there and thought just going ahead and just going.
I went to school trying to learn rules, fit in and get everything in order. When I got there they wanted me to cheer and I thought I can't, but I will do my best. I thought I need to practice. Then I turned from me a student to cheer to being over it as coach starting/establish it.
Saw the sun over the apple orchard that is there at school thinking sun is setting, but
not sure.
I remember being scared or I don't know because of all the changes. Thinking through all this almost made me not wanting to try.

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