Series of dreams 9/28

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Series of dreams 9/28

Post by sunshinelove on Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:19 pm

1st dream: People were observing this guy who had a miraculous recovery. I don't know if he had a severe mental illness or mental retardation. The man explained how he made the miraculous recovery is he did not acknowledge his sickness but he spoke it. He spoke that he was healed and the Word of God to himself.

2nd dream: I was in a convience store purchasing some juice. I took a long time paying for my things. {I noticed in several of my dreams I take a long time doing dream I recently had I was at my own wedding taking a long time putting on my wedding dreams and everyone was waiting on me...another dream I was talking my time I will discuss later in this post.}
Then all of sudden I was working in the store. {My feelings were: I felt disappointed b/c I was working the same job I worked at about 6yrs ago.} I had 3 packages shipped to me at the store. I don't know what they were. Then an old man grad a big box from the fedex man, walked in the store, and hollered I have a package for ...(my name). I was getting off work and my manager called me over by another coworker. The coworker told me I could not recieve packages at work.
I went home & laid down. I was in my childhood home & in my room. No one was home. I woke up in fear (My feelings in the dream was actual fear as well). I tried to hurry & put my clothes on. My dad came inside. I locked my bedroom door & pushed my dresser in front of the door. He tried to get into my room. I opened my window to sneak out but there were cars moving all over the yard with bright lights as if they were monitoring.

3rd dream: Feelings are fear. I'm in my childhood home. I woke up and I was afraid. I tried turning on my lamps but they were dim. I kept twisting the light bulbs and the lamps would get brighter & brighter. I started praising God so my dad would not bother me. He walked passed my room into the kitchen. I praised God really loud. I then went into the kitchen to see what my dad was doing. He was praising God in the kitchen naked. I went back to my room kept praising God out loud. My dad went into his room. I went to check on him again. He was lying in bed with his Bible showing me some scriptures.

{In dream 2 & 3...the fear was towards my dad b/c is the same fear I felt with him when I was growing up at home b/c I was sexually abused...but I don't know how this relates to my life now}

4th dream: I was waiting for my kids to get off the school. Some kids were getting off the bus in regular clothes and getting on a different bus. The kids that were in school uniforms were let off to their parents. I got my kids. As I was leaving one of the school officials tried to stop me. She was telling me there was some miscommunication. I looked at her & told her there was no miscommunication but it was the way things were explained.
(I felt annoyed & offended that the school would stop me when I felt it was there fault.)

5th dream: I was going to a prom but I didn't have anything to wear. I remember also recieving a texted on my phone with an invitation to another party but the word "tares" stood out in the text. A guy led me to a girl who had alot of dresses she collected over the years. She explained to me that prom started at midnight. She allowed me to pick out any dress but I just sat there and took my time.

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