two dreams/catholic church/demonic faces

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two dreams/catholic church/demonic faces

Post by globalhealth4 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:51 am

So the first dream i only remember that a man IRL who has passed away was younger and had cancer and he was angry with me because he wasn't feeling good. But when I spoke to his daughter after I left him, she was saying that he was feeling better because of the bricks. And once she said that, bricks began to fall on us but they didn't hurt us.

Second dream lastnight;

I was in a group taking a test for a course I was wanting to pass. The teacher gave us two test and one consisted of 45 questions that i can remember and we had about 5 or 50 minutes from what I can remember. Everyone in this was against me except the teacher. One girl began taunting me and evertime I tried to hold me peace but I became angrier every time. I became so distracted that I felt like a failure and embarassed because they were able to finish this test before me. It was an open book test also. The book for some reason mimicked a bible..the little green bible. It was super thick and it had the word of God..well it came of that way at least but when you read it, it was almost like the words were decieving? Ex: god is love in the bible but this book once you read those words, you would see that it said God is evil? Not sure if im explaining it right...

Then as I got up to fight the girl, my teacher said "Time!" took all the test up and I was upset trying to ask for more time but she said I would have to get the book sent from some other teacher that was across the globe! And I looked at this taunting girl and she smiled, snatched the book some how and laughed. I ran home to tell my family about everything and this is where things became a bit blurry. As I told my family it was like I was at war with each person I told. They turned on me as the words in the fake bible did. I didnt know who to trust because every time i told someone that we were being attacked they turned on me to attack me meanwhile all their faces including the students had demonic features..

And this book gave a heavy vibe of it deriving from the Catholic church...

What are your thoughts guys?

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