several dreams

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several dreams

Post by parkerml on Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:13 pm

In my dream all of the women of our church were pregnant. All of us were at full term and ready to give birth.
We all stood around looking at each other as if we were waiting for something, but didn't know when the babies were
going to be delivered.

My dream about 3 months later

I had a dream I was standing in a bathtub and all of a sudden I started bleeding and had miscarriage of a baby.
The baby had only made it to about 7 months. When the baby came out I was still standing but the miscarried baby was
in a plastic ziploc bag that had been ripped. All of the features of the baby could be seen. In the dream I called my husband
and he ran in the room and we just looked at the fetus in the bag. It was a girl.

Dream 1 -2 weeks after this one

In my dream I found a toddler (girl)who was about 3 or 4 years old. The mother didn't want the child so I picked the toddler up and
help her for a very long time and loved her. Soon the mother came back to get the child and they took the child away from me.

Dream same day

In dream I was in a city. I don't know what the city was. It was covered with snow. As I looked around I found a baby girl with pink
on in the snow. I picked her up and she was the prettiest little thing. She was about 1 and a 1/2 years old. Her parents hadn't taken very good care of her. SHe was very cold. I took her so that I could care for her. My husband was with me to care for the
girl and other members from our church and home were with us to care for child.

Dream within same week

I a large circle of snakes surrounded me (about 100). They were laying around on the ground but I was standing in the center
of them. They were not harming me but I was a little hesitant because they were snakes. These snakes were on
top of a hill and I was in the middle, but at the bottom of the hill was a cobra snake that was spitting poison venom at me
trying reach me, but it couldn't touch me. It just kept spitting at me without success as I stood in the middle of the snake pit.

**I have been praying and asking God to show me his interpretation**

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