injured by aeroplane wing

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injured by aeroplane wing

Post by sweetdreams1972 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:47 pm

In my dream I was standing next to a window and holding on to metal bars across it when I noticed a lane flying low outside in the sky. Although it seemed far away from me, as it passed by its wing scratched the fingers holding on to the bars so hard that it hurt and bled profusely. I then retreated into the room and called the paramedics, and lay down on a sofa or a small bed to wait for them. After sometime, I realized that the paramedics had come and left without treating me. I was confused and looked at the fingers but they had healed and there were small scars left. I went back to the window and confirmed that I had actually been injured by the plane because I could still see the blood stains even though the injury had healed.

I also had another dream where my mother in law was entering my house with a copy of my house key ( which she actually has) which I noticed was in a keyholder which also had numerous other keys on it, and i had a sense that she was coming to talk to me about something, which was follwed by a scene where I saw a muzzled large dog standing in my house.

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