I Need Your Help!!!!

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I Need Your Help!!!!

Post by JoJo on Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:03 pm

Hi Friends.

I would love to hear the thoughts from anyone who feels led to comment on these dreams. I encourage you to pray with me as I continue to seek God for interpretation.

I admit that not knowing what these dreams mean has caused me some anxiety......yes I know, 'be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God' (Phillipians 4:6) laugh

Last week, I had a dream which I could not remember for the most part but the name 'Orelle' was mentioned which means, in Hebrew "Angel, messenger". This may indicate that God will be send a messenger, perhaps one or several of you to reveal the meanings of these dreams------Just my thoughts! laugh

I look forward to all of your responses!!!!!! happy dance


July 2005, I had a conversation with the father of a young man, that I have known for some time and have some feelings for. We were at a church event and this man's father asked me if I liked his son. I stated to him that his son is a nice man but he is not a christian. His father, who was not a christian at the time, responded to me and said, " Pray about it". I did. About 6 to 7 weeks later, that same young man began to attend my church.

First dream:

My now sister in law's mother had a dream October 2005. She stated to me she saw me in a silver car. The car is mine. The young man in question was in the driver 's seat. I was in the front passenger seat. I was sitting in a baby's car seat in the front passenger seat. She then stated that the young man opened his car door, walked in front of the car, over to my side of the vehicle. He opened my car door and began caressing me, holding me, taking care of me. His surname was mentioned. She had no idea what this dream meant. Neither did I.

About a year later, her daughter had the exact same dream but with something added to it

Second dream:

In addition to all that occurred in the first dream, my sister in law stated that she saw our church sanctuary. She said that I was sitting in one of the chairs, she was sitting in one of the chairs beside me. She mentioned that everything in this scene was white.

Third dream:

Later that same year, another girlfriend of mine stated that she dreamt that I got engaged to someone. She could not see his face clearly but stated that he had a light-skinned complexion and was taller than me.

Around 2007, another woman had a dream about me.

Fourth dream:

She stated that she was seated outside at what appeared to be an outside wedding. She stated that she saw a number of people in the audience and there were some people she recognized in the audience. She then stated she a saw a woman walking down the aisle in a wedding dress. The bride's back was facing the audience as she walked and could not see her face. She stated that she asked someone who sat beside her, " Who is getting married?" She then said that the bride turned around and it was me. She stated that the groom was standing across from me. She could not see his face but he was significantly taller, at least 6 ft.

My friend then told me that she is not a dreamer. She had the dream and her husband told her to call me and tell me about the dream.

She stated that she did not know what the dream meant.

Later that year, another young woman had two consecutive dreams about me

Dream 5 and Dream 6:

My friend stated that I had visited their assembly one Sabbath/Saturday. She remarked that I was wearing a beautiful red dress. She stated during the course of the day, I spoke to someone and stated that I was engaged.

In the second dream that followed the next day, she stated that I visited their assemby. I was wearing the same red dress. She stated that I went to the lunchroom. She said that my family and brethren were present. She stated that a young man asked to marry him and I said yes. We were engaged. She said that she had not seen the man before but was told that he was a famous preacher from Jamaica.

She stated that she came to me because she is not a dreamer and was told that she should tell me about the dreams she's had about me.

She too stated that she did know what the dreams meant.

This year, I had several dreams that I believe are connected to the dreams stated above

This is the latter part of a dream I had in April 2011 which I believe is relevant (see my original post dated April 10, 2011)

Dream 7
………..Our group continued to walk down the corridor where the Walmart was located. At this time I see my brother, his wife and daughter, who is being pushed in a stroller. I then proceed to put something in my mouth. I did not look at it but I knew that it was a green grape just by how it tasted. The thing is, this grape tasted rotten. I then cringed at the taste of the grape. I did not spit it out. There would be no place to put it. I then proceeded to eat a second grape. This time, I looked at it. It indeed was green. It was firm, looked good, no blemishes, except for a slight brown ring around where the stem would be. I bit this grape. It tasted good but the taste was diminished a bit because I still had the taste of the first grape in my mouth. At this point, my brother says to me, "The P------- are coming." The name mentioned is the last name of the man that was in the car dreams posted earlier. I woke up from my dream right after.

Dream 8

The following Wednesday April 13, 2011, I had this dream:
While having Bible Study with my brethren, I nodded off by accident for only a few moments. While my eyes were closed, I saw an almond tree! The leaves were green. the tree was healthy. I have never seen an almond tree before but I recognized it because of the almond shell. I then looked up the tree that I saw in my dream online and I confirmed that it was indeed an almond tree that I saw!

On Sunday May 15, 2011, I had ten dreams consecutively between the hours of 9 a and 12 p

Of those ten, I believe seven are related to the dreams stated above:

Dream 1
I see the inside of a church that I know well. Three ladies I know are congregating outside the sanctuary, speaking amongst themselves. My eyes move to the sanctuary. The sancutary has a wall made of glass so that you can see inside it without entering. I go inside the sanctuary, down the centre aisle and I see a banner with my name written on it

Dream 2
I am in a child’s pram being pushed by the a man I have mentioned in previous dreams
I have my legs out in front of me. I am happy. We are in a park where other couples and families are.

Dream 3
I see myself in a wedding dress with my maid/matron of honour. We are running. I have my bouquet in my hand. The location looks european, there is a sepia tint to the scenery. I throw my bouquet behind me.

Dream 4
I see myself pregnant. I am wearing a black pregnancy top and light blue jeans. I have a royal blue/belt ribbon wrapped around my waist. In the dream I sense my baby is a boy but in my heart I say,”I kinda wanted a girl.”

I asked the Lord three questions regarding the man who pushes me in the pram/same man in the car dreams:

How does He feel about me? Where does He stand with You? I do not remember the last question I asked very well.

God answered with three mini dreams:

Dream 1
I saw a workshop. A person had a pair of baby shoes in their hands, similar to the ones parents would use to have bronzed. I thought I saw the person hold the the shoes up, preparing to spray paint the shoes but then the shoes were dipped in gold, then the person's entire hand/arm/body was dipped in gold!!!!

Dream/Vision 2
The song ‘Amazing Grace’ by John Newton dropped in my spirit...I started to sing it

Dream/Vision 3
The song ‘In the Summertime’ by Mungo Jerry dropped in my spirit-----strange eh? scratching chin I smiled and thought to myself, The Lord does have a sense of humour! ROTFL I started to sing it

I woke up. I looked at the time. It was 12 p.

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