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Post by sunshinelove on Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:50 am

In a church service a pastor went up to my step mom and said her soul was warring. She didn't not give full details to not embarrass her. She prayed over her and my step mom under God's anointing.

The woman saw me in the audience and told me to come to the front. Before she said anything I fell under God's anointing. She picked me up. She asked me what have I been asking God for and she wanted to pray with me. It was marriage but I told her I was seeking healing for my biological mom and my uncle. She looked at me strange. She told me to get my uncle on the phone to see if he wanted to be healed.

I kept trying to pull up my dad's number to get in touch with my uncle but my phone would not act right.

She came to my home while I was still trying to pull up my dad's number. My stepdad was watching every move I made & he didn't know what was going on.

*** (Just to make things clearer)*** I was raised by my stepdad thinking he was my biological father until I began to release he wasn't. So he raised me as his daughter eventhough I knew at an early he wasn't my biological dad. He still doesn't know that I know who my real dad is. When I say dad in my post I am referring to my biological dad. I just connected with him earlier this year. When I say my uncle I am referring to my biological dad's brother. The strange thing is I didn't know he had a brother.***

The 2nd dream was my family was upset because I was talking about marrying a guy I hadn't known a long time.

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