Friends Dream.

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Friends Dream.

Post by Tkay on Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:50 am

My friend had a dream the other night and I asked her permission to post on this site, and she has given me persimssion to do so.

First a little background. She has been praying for a husband and believes HE has shown her who he is. Also that he has a girlfriend at this time, but that God is working on him. She also says everytime she prays, she gets a feeling of peace.

The dream: She was in a room and there was other people, but did not realize at first who they were.
For some reason she turned around and this certain gentleman was writing on the chalk board. He wrote I Love (with love being the heart sign) number 14, signed #13. She thought he was trying to tell her that he loved his girlfriend, so she turned around to tap the girlfriend on the shoulder and show her what was on the board. The girlfriend just turned around and looked at the board, made no expression and seemed rather flippant about it all. She just looked and turned back around. When my friend looked back at the man, he had erased the board and he had just a stone faced expression.

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Friends Dream.

Post by unaday* on Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:10 am

It appears that the love is not equal. He has more feelings for her than she has for him. NOT to say that she is flippant in real life (that could have been exaggerated in the dream) but she could be unsure about this relationship meanwhile he thinks he has a surety about the relationship.


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